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Social Mama App is the first app that lets a mom build a network of like-minded mamas, while sharing life stories. Moms meet, greet, and grow together. Social Mama does this through member profiles that tell a life story and enable moms to “Match and Connect” organically… it’s mom networking. Welcome to our community!


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Today’s moms don’t define their lives solely by what their kids do. Neither does our App. Join Social Mama to build your personal network of women. Inspire and be inspired by a Mama like you. Expand your social and business circles or simply engage over a glass of wine with a Mama nearby. Post, learn, share, connect and mentor! It’s a mom’s world, create your own.


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Download the FREE App below.  Once you download, the information from your profile will help us find you “like-minded” parental matches

Behind The App

Amanda Ducach

Amanda Ducach

the OriginalMama, Sales and Marketing Lead

Amanda Ducach, a mother, leads the Sales and Marketing of Social Mama through her experience in Hospitality and Technology.  Ducach’s experience in world cultures has provided a strategic tactic for the App.

Magen Pastor

Magen Pastor


Magen Pastor, a mother of twin girls, was raised in Houston, and is a social media queen. Pastor is the founder of Magenpastor.com and a sought after public relations consultant in such industries as fashion and hospitality

Vish Sharma, Adam Hudd & Madhav Sharma

Vish Sharma, Adam Hudd & Madhav Sharma

Tech Gurus

Vishrut & Madhav Sharma(Brothers), are sought-after software engineers. Vish Sharma cultivated the idea of Social Mama when the mother of his godson found it impossible to meet like-minded parents.

Adam Hudd, a native of London with over 30 years of experience in the Tech world is the original “Papa” due to the love of his two adorable daughters.

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