Is Social Mama free to use?

YES! Social mama is free for all caregivers!

How do I get in contact with Social Mama?

Email us at

How private is Social Mama?

SUPER private. Social Mama has created a private platform through the help of IT professionals that are the best in the privacy business. We feel very confident that our security department keeps all of our Social Mamas as safe as possible. Help us keep everyone safe by reporting any suspicious or malicious activity that you see. Email

Are Fathers welcome on Social Mama?

Yes, fathers are welcome! In order to protect all of our mamas and their tribes, however, men will face extra security walls to pass when signing up.

How does Social Mama Match you to other users? 

Our patented algorithm technology calculates more than 20 dimensions to match users to each other.

Do I need to respond to every profile question on Social Mama?

No, you only need to respond to those you prefer. However, there are some mandatory fields that needs to be filled out, so that we can provide more accurate matches.

How do I delete my account on Social Mama? 

Simply email the social mama team at

How do I ask a question on Social Mama?

Simply email the social mama team at

What if I can’t find any matches?  

As a new company, it might take a bit to get matches as we are building our user base.  The more users, the more chance to find your perfect Mom match.  If you live in area where user base is not yet high, try expanding your “Around Me” mileage to include more miles of distance (simply pinch and zoom on the screen)

Why are their 3 colors on Social Mama Geo-location screen?

Dark Pink- 75{5f07546c3de6ffbd5c118c992bb4aa93a9e358b571fa179e9139481889cd9c08} or more matched dimensions
Medium Pink- 40-74{5f07546c3de6ffbd5c118c992bb4aa93a9e358b571fa179e9139481889cd9c08} matched dimensions
Light Pink- Under 39{5f07546c3de6ffbd5c118c992bb4aa93a9e358b571fa179e9139481889cd9c08} matched dimensions

How do I update a profile after it has been posted?

Go to the your profile to edit it.

Does the Geo-location page give away my exact location?

No, it only does it within a mile (we never want people to know exactly where you are).

Do I need to create a profile to use Social Mama? 

YES!  Social Mama only is successful with its matches if you fill out a profile.  Your responses on your profile are what generate your dimensions for the Matching Algorithm

How do I change things like password and screen name, etc? 

Please manage this in Settings and email us with questions.

Why should I share Social Mama with my friends?

Through socialization, education, and collaboration, Mamas can rule the world, and they are stronger if they create their own tribes of like-minded Mama.  If you want to be one of those Mamas that helps us spread the word!

How do I send Messages to other Moms on the App?  

Use the Message screen, ensure you are friends! You can also go that Moms profile and on the bottom of the screen, touch the “Message” box and chat away

Can I invest and/or do advertising in Social Mama?  

For any business enquires please email us at

Is meeting other Moms online and in person safe?

Well…this is a tough question. Billions of humans use the internet to meet friends and collaborate on projects all over the world. Just remember to take precautions when meeting new people and let a law officer and Social Mama know if you ever see any suspicious activity.